Here are the products that we’ve worked/working on:

We believe in everything we do is oriented towards an immersive, amazing and challenging experience. Our products are simple, easy to use and crafted with beauty and elegance.

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    Requirement Planning

    This is the brief step in the RAD methodology . The RAD doesn’t emphasis on planning of the product in software development. But this part is critical for the success of the project. This stage simply researches for the current problem, define requirements and finalise with the clients.

  • 2
    User Design

    Once the scope is set he focus goes to development. The data points from market research is spread out and starts designing the product. With the base structure, it will be easy for client to understand once when they can see the functionalities with the prototype.

  • 3
    Rapid Construction

    Since all the primary errors and experience issues where addressed in phase 2 it will be quiet easy to work on the development and finish on a timely manner. The team of designers programmer and tester could work hand in hand and easily finish up the project than any other model.

  • 4
    Cut over

    In this phase the final product is out to launch. This phase, the end user experience is recorded and then analysed. From this, we understand the usage style and we optimise the product for maximum out put.

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